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If you would like artwork, concepts and designs for your band/company email for a quote.
The more details, the better, thanks!

Devour Destroy is the accumulated works of Josh Avira
I have always been fascinated and influenced by underground and local music and art
and this is my way to contribute.

From an early age I have was always been heavily into artwork and music . All through growing up interested in underground music, comic books, horror , sci-fi movies , and ancient history .
I played my my first hardcore/metal show in 1996 on top of a ski lodge in Skowhegan Maine. This was the first event opening my eyes to heavy music. from then on I have tried to push forward to get more involved into the music scene playing , recording . booking and promoting many events in many different scenes such as metal , hardcore, and electronica. from 1996- 2010 I was so focused on playing drums, vocals and producing electronic music besides doing graphics for event flyers lost interest in drawing and art, in October 2010 learning to become a tattoo artist sparked my interest and I started to draw heavily again .
In 2011 I started using digital painting and getting into designing band t-shirts. from a young age having interest in sharks, and having a pet ferret named mercury that reminds me of jaws i wanted to create a company with this menacing theme ... devour destroy was born :)

I am still active in music and currently doing vocals/samples for the band Henchmen!
free music to download here> henchmen.bandcamp.com
and also still writing music for Quicksilverx

I also have some future plans to work on a graphic novel called Area of Refuge most of the characters are based off our ferrets Mercury, Liz and Nyx but set as as mechanized gargoyle type of creatures. that served an ancient queen in prehistoric earth. I am also getting onto 3d rendering and video game production